Storm Damage: Saying Goodbye - Tree Planting and Care

3. Say Goodbye

Some trees can't be saved or are not worth saving. If the tree is weakened, the trunk is split, or more than 50 percent of the crown is gone, the tree has lost its survival edge. Here are some examples.

Tree Tragedy

This otherwise healthy young tree has lost too much of its crown. It will probably not be able to grow enough new branches and leaves to provide needed nourishment for survival and will never be able to regain its former beautiful shape.

graphic: tree with crown damage

Hopeless Case

About all that's left of this tree is its trunk. The few remaining branches can't provide enough foliage to enable the tree to make it through another growing season.

graphic: Showing tree with server damage

Farewell to a Friend

A rotten inner core in the trunk or structural weakness in branches can cause a split trunk. The wounds are too large to mend, and the tree has lost its lifeline between roots and leaves. This tree is all but dead.

graphic: Showing a tree broken in half

What to do if your tree cannot be saved.

Consider turning larger trees into wood products.

Don't Try to Do It All Alone

Some of your trees may have damage that's too close to call or may have hidden damage. You may need a tree professional to help you decide what to do. Do not hire anyone who shows up at your door following a storm. Consult a certified arborist or contact your city forester.

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