Wood lot- Tree Planting and Care

DNR forester and landowner walking in landowner's woodlands

As a woodland owner, you may have thought from time to time about your wood's future and what you might do to improve its condition and value. Most Minnesota woodland owners use their land for recreation, a place to hunt, or something to pass on to the next generation. Sometimes, though, improving your woods means harvesting timber.

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When managing your woods, you should carefully consider your decisions and seek assistance. The DNR Forest Stewardship Program helps private woodland owners manage their woods. DNR foresters can help you get a Woodland Stewardship plan and provide technical help to complete a project in your woods. They can assist with timber sales or connect you with consulting foresters or other professionals for help.

bull dozer with dirt piles and tree in forground.

Protect your trees during summer construction

Heavy machinery driven over a tree’s roots can compact the soil and kill the tree. If you’re working on your house this summer, here are some tips to protect your trees from construction damage.

Actively managing your woods will keep them healthy and strong so your family can enjoy them for generations.

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