WIA site status changes

This page provides current status for Walk-In Access sites that have been added to or removed from the program after the printed version of the atlas was released OR are effected by emergency grazing/haying, prescribed management, and upgrade/cover disturbances.

Both the online version of the WIA Atlas and the online WIA tile sheets have been updated to reflect these status changes in the table below. The list below will be updated as needed throughout the season. Changes to a site's status will be posted as soon as DNR staff are informed of changes by local SWCD staff.

Status indicators include:

  • Open - WIA site is open to hunting but was not included on the printed atlas.
  • Closed - WIA site is closed to hunting because the WIA contract has been terminated OR activities to improve the wildlife cover are taking place, but is still on the printed atlas.
  • Grazed or Hayed - Landowners for these WIA sites have indicated they MAY utilize emergency haying or grazing activities, or the cover has changed on a portion of the site.
  • Prescribed Management - Landowners with lands enrolled in a conservation program, such as CRP or RIM Reserve, have carried out required management activities to improve or maintain the quality of the vegetative cover. These sites may be clipped, hayed, or burned.
  • Cover Upgrade/Disturbance - Landowners enrolled in a conservation program are sometimes required to upgrade the cover. These sites may be tilled or have sparse vegetative cover.
  • Restricted - WIA site has some restrictions.
WIA Site NameAtlas Page (Tile#)StatusStatus Comments
Big Stone #63225 (67)Hayed 
Brown #91934 (81)Hayed 
Kanabec #94324 (65)Habitat acres enrolled, additional crop acres available 
Kandiyohi #26026 (69)Hayed 
Lac qui Parle #81728 (73)Closed 
Lincoln #18633 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #34834 (80)Hayed 
Lincoln #35633 (79)Hayed


Lincoln #45933 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #47033 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #51832 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #59532 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #59732 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #86533 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #93632 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #96934 (80)Cover upgrade fall of 2023 
Lincoln #97032 (79)Hayed 
Lincoln #98234 (80)Hayed 
Lyon #78134 (80)Hayed 
Lyon #788(87)Mowed 
Lyon #85133 (80)Prescribed ManagementMid contract management; early season disking
Lyon #96334 (80)Hayed 
Lyon #96434 (80)Hayed 
Meeker #67528 (70)Closed 
Murry #14439 (87)Hayed 
Pipestone #17937 (86)Closed 
Pipestone #40038 (86)68 acres hayed 
Rock #85242 (94)Hayed 
Rock #85442 (94)Hayed 
Rock #85942 (94)Hayed 
Rock #93543 (95)Hayed 
Rock #1003 Hayed 
Watonwan #74140 (88)Closed 
Yellow Medicine #63029 (73)Hayed 
Yellow Medicine #96728 (73)Hayed 


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