Instructions and Supporting documents for the MNDNR Hunter Walk-In Access Enrollment Information System (WIAEIS) are available on this page

Enrollment resources for SWCD/PF staff

  • Landowner Boundary Waiver 75KB updated 02/12/2024 - allows landowners to waive the DNR rule for hunting within 500 feet of their occupied home or corral.
  • WIA Enrollment Checklist 116KB updated 02/12/2024  - checklist for SWCD staff to aid them in enrollment.
  • WIA SWCD Guidance 243KB updated 02/12/2024 - enrollment criteria, conditions and process that govern the landowner enrollment process.
  • WIA Landowner Basics 96KB updated 02/12/2024 - the basics landowners should know about enrolling land.
  • W-9 - takes you to the IRS site to download a W-9 PDF

 for additional help with the WIAEIS email: Julie Hines, Wildlife IT GIS Specialist

 for general WIA Program information email: Amber Knutson, DNR Walk-in Access Program Coordinator

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