Mississippi River State Water Trail

Mississippi River State Water Trail

The Mississippi River is the fourth longest river in the world and the largest on the continent, flowing 2,350 miles from Lake Itasca in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. In Minnesota, the river flows through valleys, bluffs, prairies and woodlands in a variety of flow rates and widths. Portions of the river have been designated as a Wild and Scenic river. There are ten mapped segments of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, beginning at the source and ending on the Minnesota/Iowa border. Mississippi means "Great River" in Ojibwe. The water trail was established in 1967.

Water trail locator map


Water trail segments and maps

Get maps and more information for the ten paddling segments of the Mississippi River:

  1. Lake Itasca to Cass Lake
  2. Cass Lake to Vermillion River
  3. Vermillion River to Jacobson
  4. Jacobson to Aitkin
  5. Aitkin to Brainerd
  6. Brainerd to Little Falls
  7. Little Falls to Saint Cloud
  8. Saint Cloud to Elk River
  9. Elk River to Minneapolis
  10. Minneapolis to Hastings

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