Operations Support

Operations Support provides administrative leadership and support to the entire agency, direct services to the general public and financial assistance to local governments and private organizations to build recreation facilities and to protect and enhance natural areas.

Operations Support
FY 2006-07 Budget by Funding Source: $45.5 Million

Operations Support FY 2006-07 Operating Budget Chart
  • Environmental Trust - 34.6% / $15.8 Million
  • General - 21.6% / $9.8 Million
  • Game & Fish - 12.4% / $5.6 Million
  • Natural Resources - 17.1% / $7.8 Million
  • Special Revenue - 5.4% / $2.5 Million
  • Federal - 8.9% / $4.0 Million

FY2006-07 Operations Support Program Breakdown by Activity

Operations Support FY 2006-07 Operating Budget Chart
  • Recreation and Local Grants - 41.4% / $18.8 Million
  • Regional Operations Support - 17.6% / $8.0 Million
  • Central Operations Support - 41.0% / $18.7 Million

Central Operations Support provides agency executive leadership and agency wide administrative leadership and support in accounting, financial and management reporting, agency/statewide financial systems integration, auditing, contracting, grants management, strategic and budgetary planning, interdisciplinary coordination, demographic and natural resource utilization, research and analysis, public information and education, press relations, human resources and payroll management, materials management, motor vehicle fleet management, systems development support and management, and engineering services. Regional operations support provides regional executive and administrative leadership, regional interdisciplinary coordination, local government relations, and regional planning. Recreation and local grants consist of several state and federal pass-through grants and competitive matching grant programs to local governments and private organizations for diverse recreation and natural resource projects and disaster relief.


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