Fish and Wildlife

The Division of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for managing fish and wildlife, their habitats, and the public use of fish and wildlife. The division develops, directs and manages statewide fisheries population, wildlife population, and habitat programs. It monitors progress so that programs are continuously adapted and improved to meet the changing resource conditions and societal needs. The division directs hatchery systems, acquisition and management of aquatic and wildlife management areas. The division oversees education, communication, user recruitment and retention and certain private and public land habitant projects. The division serves 1.5 million licensed anglers, 578,000 licensed hunters and trappers, and 2.2 million wildlife viewers. For more information on the DNR division of Fish and Wildlife, please visit:

Fish and Wildlife
FY 2006-07 Budget by Funding Source: $159.6 Million

Parks and Recreation Program FY 2006-07 Operating Budget Chart
  • Natural Resources - 3.4% / $5.5 Million
  • Special Revenue - 4.0% / $6.3 Million
  • Federal - 0.9% / $1.4 Million
  • Environmental Trust - 0.5% / $0.8 Million
  • General - 12.7% / $20.3 Million
  • Game & Fish - 78.5% / $125.3 Million

FY2006-07 Fish and Wildlife Program Breakdown by Activity

FY 2006-07 Program Breakdown by Activity Chart
  • Licensing - 7.8% / $12.4 Million
  • Fisheries - 51.9% / $82.9 Million
  • Wildlife - 40.3% / $64.3 Million

Fisheries activity protects, maintains, and enhances Minnesota’s fishery resources and aquatic communities for recreational, ecological and economic benefits to the state. Wildlife activity exists to provide management, protection, use, understanding, and enjoyment of the state’s wildlife. Licensing activity manages the issuance of game, fish and commercial licenses, registration, and titling of recreational vehicles.

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