Equipment and Fleet Management

The DNR fleet models the way in sustainable energy use while maximizing natural resources program results. The fleet includes 1,500 road vehicles, 1,500 off-road vehicles; 1,700 trailers and attachments. Over 1 million miles are driven by DNR employees each year. DNRs fleet program expends $17 million annually.

Capital Fleet Planning 

  • Financial analysis and revenue planning
  • Needs analysis and division planning
  • Feasibility studies and pilot projects
  • Enterprise fleet plan

Fleet Management

  • Fleet composition and lifecycle planning
  • Acquisition strategies
  • License and insurance
  • Up-fit and deployment
  • Equipment pool management
  • Fleet billing and reporting

Equipment and Fleet Operations

  • Operator training and information
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Emergency/accident response
  • Disposal

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