Arbor Day – Arbor Month 2020

DNR forester and landowner walking in landowner's woodlands

Plant Trees to Reduce the Effects of Climate Change!

Each year, Minnesota celebrates Arbor Day on the last Friday of April (April 24, 2020) and Arbor Month during the entire month of May. This year, celebrate Arbor Day and Arbor Month by planting trees to reduce the effects of climate change.

Minnesota temperatures have risen by 2°F since the early 20th century. Winter temperatures are warming the fastest, stressing tree species that thrive in colder climates and helping invasive plants and insect species flourish.

Average annual statewide precipitation has increased, generally in the form of larger rainfall events. More frequent, heavy rain events are increasing soil erosion and flooding in parts of the state.

At the same time, warmer temperatures are causing drier conditions in other parts of the state. Droughts are among the greatest stressors to forests and yard trees, often leading to disease outbreaks on stressed trees and increased wildfire risk.

What can we do to decrease these impacts of climate change?

Best native yard trees for our changing climate

We'll explore Minnesota native trees that will do well in our changing climate and make great additions to your yard. Best native yard trees for our changing climate lists the best trees for your yard, based on your location.

These videos, created by our forestry staff, highlights a few native trees to consider planting in your yard.


Shagbark hickory

Black walnut

White pine

Sugar maple

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Tree planting and care

Check out our Planting trees and seedlings webpage for helpful videos and instructions on how to plant trees. Our Caring for newly planted trees webpage features videos and tips on how to water a newly planted tree and how to mulch a tree.