Terrestrial Invasive Species

Protect Minnesota's Lands. Clean in. Clean out. with an image of a field covered in purple flowers of spotted knapweed.

close-up of common yellow tansy and stopped knapweed

Invasive species rulemaking

Learn about Invasive Species Program Rulemaking as the DNR has classified additional invasive plants and animals as prohibited to protect Minnesota’s resources and economy.

close-up of common yellow tansy and stopped knapweed

How to identify and manage invasive plants

There are many invasive plants of concern in Minnesota. Learn which plants to be on the lookout for and what to do if you find them by visiting our updated invasive plants page.

person on their knees harvesting pine seedlings

Prevent the spread

The best way to protect our natural areas from terrestrial invasive species is to prevent the spread of new invasives.
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wood pile next to campfire ring

Don't take firewood along for the ride

Help protect Minnesota's trees. Harmful, invasive diseases and pests can be lurking in firewood. Buy local firewood to avoid moving these unwanted hitchhikers.
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Cover of 2024 invasive species calendar w

2024 invasive species calendar

Learn about invasive species management success stories and key invasive species.
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