Garvin Brook Habitat Improvement Project (2014)


Increase the numbers of large brown trout (>12 inches) by improving stream habitat. Reduce stream sediment load from reduced bank erosion and improved stream channel geomorphology.


MNDNR Lanesboro Habitat Improvement Crew is doing the construction on this Win-Cres TU funded project.  Volunteers from this chapter have provided great assistance with tree and brush removal.  This project was completed Fall 2014.  Since completion, trout biomass has increased from ~160 lbs/acre (2014) to ~240 lbs/acre (2015) and ~235 lbs/acre (2016).  Estimates of Brown Trout >12 inches has been at a mean of 122/mile since the project and was at a mean of 78/mile for the decade before the project.

This project included -

  • Rip-rapping of stream banks
  • Sloping of stream banks
  • Installation of structures for overhead cover
  • Installation of erosion control blankets
  • Mulching and seeding with native vegetation



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