Lanesboro Area Long-Term Monitoring

Southeast Minnesota Stream Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) Program

Objective: To increase the understanding of cyclic trout populations, watershed health, and aquatic resources of southeast Minnesota

Criteria for choosing and prioritizing specific streams is based on...

  • Importance of fisheries to anglers
  • Amount of existing water quality data
  • Occurrence of sympatric trout populations (brown trout/brook trout)
  • Representation of multiple stream classes
  • Marginal fishery status (these streams may have climate change issues)
  • Spatial distribution

High Priority Streams

  1. Gribben Creek
  2. Root River, South Branch
  3. Trout Run Creek
  4. West Indian Creek
  5. Whitewater River, South Branch *
  6. Winnebago Creek *

*Station moved in 2017

Medium Priority Streams

  1. Bear Creek *
  2. Beaver Creek (Whitewater)
  3. Camp Creek *
  4. Cold Spring Brook
  5. East Indian Creek
  6. Ferguson Creek *
  7. Forestville Creek *
  8. Garvin Brook
  9. Pine Creek (New Hartford) *
  10. Root River, South Fork *
  11. Wells Creek
  12. Whitewater River, Middle Branch
  13. Whitewater River, North Branch *

*Removed from program 2017 due to staff shortages and lack of funding

Low Priority Streams

  1. Bee Creek *
  2. Hay Creek
  3. Root River, North Branch *
  4. Trout Brook
  5. Trout Valley Creek *

* Removed from program 2017 due to staff shortages and lack of funding

Tasks for future LTM Program work:

  • Continue to build working relationships with other offices and agencies to make expansion of the project possible
  • Determine needs for and acquire equipment for deployment at various stream stations
  • Grow and finalize working relationships with other partners
  • Present monitoring plans and results at public and professional meetings



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