Trout Run Creek Habitat Improvement Project (2005)


Increase the numbers of large brown trout (>16 inches) by improving stream conditions on 2,700 ft of stream. Reduce stream sediment load from reduced bank erosion and improved stream channel geomorphology.


This project included -

  • Slope 2,654 ft of stream banks...some originally 10 ft high
  • Install 2,137 ft of rip rap along stream banks
  • Install 391' of overhead cover (lunkers and skyhooks)
  • Install three rock weirs
  • Install two rock deflectors
  • Install 69 cover rocks
  • Remove 42 box elder trees
  • Mulch and seed with native vegetation
  • Maintain 3,000 ft of access roads
  • Planted 21 trees (silver maple, green ash, river birch)


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