Ecological Evaluations

Ecological Evaluations describe and highlight sites in Minnesota that contain rare natural features or that have outstanding examples of the natural features that characterize a specific landscape or region of the state. Examples of these features range from large patterned peatland complexes to native prairies to populations of rare species such as ram's-head lady's-slippers and red-shouldered hawks. These sites are sometimes large and intact enough that they continue to support important ecological processes such as regenerative wildfires, historic flooding regimes, and nutrient cycling and soil development. Other sites may be smaller, but possess exceptional examples of native plant communities or populations of rare plant or animal species. Their outstanding natural features make these sites of highest priority for conservation action, including ecologically based management planning, conservation easements, and recommendation as natural areas or parks. The Ecological Evaluations summarize the conservation actions most relevant for maintaining the important natural features of these sites.

Evaluations in the Laurentian Mixed Forest Province

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