May Salamander Finds

A quick update from the "Salamander team" consisting of Jeff LeClere, Carol Hall, Andrew Herberg, Melissa Boman, Adam Maleski, Jared Cruz (Minnesota Biological Survey GIS Support Specialist), and Shelby Bauer (SNA Web and Social Media Specialist). In general, four-toed salamanders (Hemidactylium scutatum) and spotted salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) seemed to be present at historic sites, which is excellent news! Interesting observations include two communal four-toed salamander nests consisting of more than 400 eggs at two different sites, spotted salamanders laying eggs in water-filled forest road ruts, 116 spotted salamander egg masses found in one wetland, a female four-toed salamander on her back laying eggs in a moss hummock, and a female four-toed salamander actively fleeing a nest and swimming away prior to nest disturbance.

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