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FireWise Minnesota

The Minnesota Firewise Project is working with local communities by passing federal Fire Plan funds through to local communities as grants for various on-the-ground activities, including homeowner activities, mitigation education, home site assessment, and access improvement. It involves community groups, including fire and emergency services, local schools, city staff (e.g., foresters, planners), and local interest groups.

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Grant Information

  • Community Wildfire Defense Grants - offer communities, tribes, states, and non-profits the opportunity to create or update a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) or 2) Complete project work outlined in a current CWPP.
  • Firewise Community Grants - provide funds to help communities create Community Wildfire Protection Plans and Mitigate wildfire risk.
  • Volunteer fire assistance grants - provide financial ($1,000-$5,000) and technical assistance to Minnesota fire departments in cities or communities with a population under 10,000.

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan is a roadmap for becoming Firewise. This plan may address issues such as wildfire response, hazard mitigation, community preparedness, and structure protection. The plan can be a stand-alone product or an addendum to a hazard mitigation plan. 



Firewise in the Classroom
Audience: Grades 8—12
Description: Students play a critical role in helping their community by using GIS to conduct Firewise Risk Assessments. They analyze environmental criteria, identify areas at high risk for wildland fire, and help plan activities to prevent fire losses. These lessons are correlated to national and Minnesota standards and adaptable for different classroom needs.

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