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If you enjoy camping, you probably enjoy having an evening fire. Unwanted pests called invasive species are easily and unknowingly moved when you move firewood. To make sure trees are here for generations in the future, we need to slow the spread of harmful tree insects and disease. You can do this by buying firewood close to where you will burn it; buying certified firewood; or gathering wood on site where permitted. Read on to find out more about what kinds of firewood may be brought into state parks and state forests.

What kind of firewood is allowed on DNR land?
  • MN Dept of Agriculture Firewood Certification LogoFirewood purchased at a state park for use in that same park.
  • Firewood that has been certified by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Certified firewood may be used on any DNR lands in the state. It can be purchased at many gas stations and other locations. Look for this logo on the firewood bundle. 
  • If the firewood bundle you purchased is not certified, you can still bring it onto DNR lands as long as it is not ash, and it was harvested in the same county where you will burn it. The county of harvest will be on the bundle label.
  • Be sure to keep your receipt and the bundle label to show proof of purchase.
  • Dimensional lumber scraps that are kiln-dried, unpainted, unstained, and free of any metal or foreign substances. Dimensional lumber does not require proof of purchase.
  • Manufactured logs and hardwood pellets.
What kind of firewood is not allowed on DNR land?
  • Firewood you bring from home.
  • Firewood without a purchase receipt or bundle label.
  • Pallet wood.
  • Lumber that is painted, stained, or contains metal or foreign materials.
Can I collect wood for my campfire?
  • Collection of firewood in state parks is not allowed.
  • Dead wood can be collected in a state forest for a campfire.
What is certified firewood and how can I find it?
  • Minnesota DNR does not certify firewood.
  • MN Dept of Agriculture Firewood Certification LogoThe Minnesota Department of Agriculture's heat treatment certification means the firewood producer operates a kiln that has passed a rigorous inspection and testing process.
  • Look for the certified safe-to-move logo at gas stations and other retail locations across the state.
  • Certified firewood may be used on any DNR lands in the state.
I'm in a state park. How can I buy firewood?

Not all parks sell firewood, but firewood is available at most park offices when they are open. (Check the park's "Amenities" web page to be sure.) If a park sells firewood but the office is closed, you can use Yodel to make your purchase.

What if I don't use all the firewood I brought to or bought at a state park?

Try your best to burn all your firewood before you leave your campsite. If you don't burn it all:

  • If the firewood is certified, you may take it with you and burn it on any DNR lands in Minnesota.
  • If the firewood is not certified, you may take it with you and burn it elsewhere, but only in the same county as it was harvested.
  • Buy only as much firewood as you will use. Firewood purchased in state parks is non-refundable. 
Can I transport firewood?

Hardwood (non-coniferous) firewood may not be brought into Minnesota without written approval from the Department of Agriculture. (See compliance agreement document).

It's illegal to move uncertified hardwood firewood out of quarantined counties unless they're next to each other. Visit the Minnesota Department of Agriculture website for quarantined counties.

Moving firewood can move invasive species, so we don't recommend it.

Many federal, county and municipal parks, as well as some private campgrounds, have also adopted similar firewood rules. Check their websites before you go.

I have firewood I want to sell...

How do I sell firewood?

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has information on heat treatment certification. You may also contact Report a Pest online or at 888-545-6684 for more information about firewood certification.

To sell firewood, you must follow Minnesota Department of Commerce rules and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture quarantine regulations.

Do not use the Minnesota DNR logo on firewood labels. The Minnesota DNR no longer has a firewood vendor approval program. If you want to sell firewood to a state park, contact the park directly to see if they are in need of firewood.

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