Parks and Trails resource management program

controlled burn at a state park


Protecting resources for current and future Minnesotans


You probably know the Parks and Trails Division works to provide Minnesotans with outstanding recreational resources - but did you know we also have dedicated staff protecting the outstanding natural and cultural resources found in these special places?

The state park resource management program was established in the late 1970s after the state legislature passed the Outdoor Recreation Act of 1975. This legislation directed the DNR to protect the rare, natural, scenic, scientific and historic features found in Minnesota state parks and recreation areas.

Today, resource management program staff are dedicated to this important mission, and work tirelessly in forests, prairies and wetlands across the state parks and trails system.

Important natural and cultural resources on Parks and Trails lands include:

  • More than 300 federal or state endangered, threatened, special concern, and rare species.
  • 80 rare or uncommon native plant communities.
  • 47 historic districts and more than 500 buildings, structures and objects on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Over 600 archaeological and historic cemetery sites.

What we do

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