Long-nose Gar

Gar are ancient fish, little changed since the days of the dinosaur. The longnose gar's needle-like nose, suit-of-armor scales, and long body make it look like no other fish you might see in Minnesota. An inhabitant of warm, quiet waters, the gar is known for its sharp teeth and aggressive nature.

The longnose gar has a thin, long body covered with hard diamond-shaped scales. Its pointy mouth is filled with teeth.

Longnose gar are found in shallow lakes and rivers in southern and central Minnesota. They can live in very warm water with little oxygen.

In addition to breathing through gills, gar can also take in oxygen by swimming to the surface and gulping air into their swim bladders. This ability to "breathe" means they can survive in water that has almost no oxygen. They can even live out of water for many hours, as long as their bodies stay moist.

longnose gar


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