Minnesota fisheries

Collecting fish from a trap net

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Helping you discover, explore and enjoy quality fishing and the aquatic habitats that make it possible on Minnesota's 4,500 managed lakes and 16,000 miles of fishable rivers and streams.

Time to fish for bass

Two young anglers hold large bass while standing on a dock. Bass fishing season is open and this is a great time to cast a line for these fun-to-catch fish.

Safeguarding big bluegills

A large bluegill Anglers can weigh in on whether to keep fewer bluegills from some Minnesota lakes.

Regional fishing reports available

A boat on the water Anglers can find regional fishing reports that include details about waters throughout each region.

Removing lake plants could require a permit

Bluegills near aquatic plants Lakeshore property owners are reminded that a permit may be required to remove aquatic plants.

Routine, seasonal fishing closures

A stream As in previous years, to protect spawning fish, the DNR closes certain portions of some Minnesota waters to fishing.

Mississippi River fishing regs changed

Someone releasing a fish New fishing regulations have been in place on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border waters of the Mississippi River and Lake Pepin.