Crayfish information

A person possessing a valid resident or nonresident angling license may take and possess for personal use not more than 25 pounds of live, whole freshwater crayfish. A person taking or possessing more than 25 pounds of live, whole freshwater crayfish must first obtain a written permit from the commissioner. This permit is required to harvest crayfish for sale.

Crayfish may be harvested with gear allowed for rough fish and minnows in addition to gear specified in this part. Crayfish traps or harvesting devices must be identified in a permanent and legible manner with a plastic or metal tag not smaller than one inch by three inches bearing the user's name and address.

Open Season

The open season for taking crayfish is April 1 through November 30. Crayfish less than one inch in length from tip of rostrum to tip of tail must be returned unharmed to the water.

Permit Application

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