Minnow dealer, exporting minnow dealer and minnow retailer vehicle licenses

There are three types of vehicle licenses available, including:

minnow retailer vehicle licenses;

minnow dealer vehicle licenses; and

exporting minnow dealer vehicle licenses.


Your vehicle(s) may require one or more of these licenses. You should license your vehicles in a manner that corresponds to your licensed activities. For example, a minnow dealer’s vehicle license is required if you have a minnow dealers license and wish to haul minnows harvested from the wild. If the same truck is used to export minnows out of state, an exporting minnow dealer vehicle license is required.



$15/vehicle – Minnow Retailer Vehicle License

$15/vehicle – Minnow Dealer Vehicle License

$15/vehicle – Exporting Minnow Dealer Vehicle License


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Sean Sisler, fisheries program consultant

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