Additions to the annual stand exam list

What are Annual Plan Additions?

The DNR plans forest stands to be evaluated for potential timber harvest or other forest management on a 10-year basis. Each individual year's list of forest stands to be evaluated is called the annual stand exam list and is released for public comment annually. Forest stands are added or subtracted from this list regularly in order to ensure appropriate management occurs. These forest stands are typically recommended by field personnel for timber harvest during the current fiscal year (July 1–June 30). Adjustments to the stand exam list occur when new information from field surveys is available, there are changes in resource conditions, or when there nearby harvest activities.

Annual plan additions will be kept to a minimum. If possible, the management action will be delayed until the next annual stand exam list to provide ample time for notifying and soliciting comments from the public.

30-Day Comment Period

Where quick action is not needed, the public will be provided an opportunity to comment on proposed annual plan additions before they are offered for sale. The public will be notified through this website and a stakeholder mailing list. In most cases, a 30-day comment period will be provided on annual plan additions not requiring quick action. Comments on stands or questions concerning annual plan additions can be directed to [email protected]

Comments are being accepted until September 2, 2022 on the Annual Plan Additions for Fiscal Year 2023 Harvest Plan Addition #01.

Exceptions to Prior Public Notification

Prior public notification may not be possible if quick management response is needed. Some general examples of these situations include:

  • addressing previously unknown pockets of insect and disease infestations or beaver flooding
  • harvesting small acreages adjacent to timber being harvested by other landowners, especially when access is limited
  • adjusting forest inventory (CSA) stand boundaries due to errors in cover typing
  • salvaging timber related to blowdown, wildfire, etc.

Stands needing quick action will be included in the periodic Notice of Annual Plan Additions after information is received from field offices. Comments will be accepted regarding these sites, but management actions may have already occurred by the time the public is notified or has had time to respond.