Forestry Division


DNR Forestry keeps Minnesota's forests and trees growing strong. Minnesota's 59 state forests, school trust acres, and other forested lands make up the 4.2 million acres we manage. Our forests need care and management to provide clean water and natural resources for future generations. With this in mind, we weave sustainability into all of our forest work—from what trees to plant, to what areas to harvest, to what places to preserve.

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view of the six new state forest paper maps.

Seedling sale are open

Request your seedlings today for spring planting. Visit the seedling ordering webpage for details

black spruce cones in a person's hand

Temporary state forest road closure

Damage from spring flooding has closed several state forest roads in north central and northeast Minnesota. Current temporary state forest road closures.

firefighter and flames

Campfire safety

Whether you're in a state forest or in your backyard, safety is key. Keep your fire to less than 3 feet diameter and 3 feet tall. Make sure an adult is always present. Learn how to build and extinguish a campfire.