Division of Forestry

stream running over rock in the fall

DNR Forestry keeps Minnesota's forests and trees growing strong. Minnesota's 59 state forests, school trust acres, and other forested lands make up the 4.2 million acres we manage. Our forests need care and management to provide clean water and natural resources for future generations. With this in mind, we weave sustainability into all of our forest work—from what trees to plant, to what areas to harvest, to what places to preserve.

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close view of metal fire ring with wood burning.

Don’t move firewood

Invasive species can decimate a forest. Learn why you should buy local and burn local.

close view of japanese barberry.

Plant exchanges and invasives

Watch out for invasives at neighborhood plant exchanges—they look similar to natives but can destroy your garden. Check out this guide to terrestrial invasives before planting.

bull dozer with dirt piles and tree in forground.

Protect your trees during summer construction

Heavy machinery driven over a tree’s roots can compact the soil and kill the tree. If you’re working on your house this summer, here are some tips to protect your trees from construction damage.

view of the six new state forest paper maps.

New maps make it easier to visit Minnesota state forests

Find your way in the woods. Several new state forest maps are available in paper or for download to your mobile device today. Check out the list of updated maps.