Timber Operator and Purchaser System

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The new Timber Operator and Purchaser System (TOPS) is now online and available for public access.

The new online system will make the registration process easier and more efficient for purchasers and operators of state timber sales.

Features will include:

  • Online account to submit new or renewed annual purchaser registration
  • Retention of information required for insurance coverage
  • Lists of: site supervisors, Log-Safe trainees, signature and bid authorities, consumer scale agreements, and operators on permits
  • Ability to review timber permit information: permit status, invoicing information, and payment confirmations
  • Out-of-compliance notifications
  • Streamlined communication with DNR forestry staff

TOPS won't process online auctions or financial transactions. Once the system is up and running, enhancements will be considered to improve customer experience. Paper registration forms will continue to be available for those who prefer them.

Creating a new account

TOPS instruction is provided through 'tip-sheets' which can be accessed from links on the TOPS log-in page. The tip-sheet link titled "Creating an Account," will provide guidance on how to create a new account through step-wise instruction. Note: To create a new account in TOPS, you need an active email address where you can receive email.

If you have any questions regarding TOPS, including questions about creating a new account and/ or troubleshooting issues, we are ready to assist you. Please contact DNR staff at [email protected].

Create your TOPS account

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