Approved Woodland Stewardship Plan preparers list

DNR forester and landowner walking in landowner's woodlands

Having a Woodland Stewardship Plan is a great step to keeping your woods healthy. When your plan is register with the DNR, you can enroll in one of Minnesota's property tax and incentive payment programs (2c Managed Forest Land and Sustainable Forest Incentives Act). Plans must be updated and registered every 10 years to stay within the program you enrolled.

Only DNR-approved forestry professionals can write Woodland Stewardship Plans that make you eligible to enroll your land into the state's property tax or incentive payment program. Everyone on the map below is approved to write a Minnesota Woodland Stewardship Plan.

Approved woodland stewardship plan preparers map

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More information about the map

Who is on the map? The map includes public and private sector natural resource professionals approved to write Woodland Stewardship Plans in Minnesota. This data is maintained by the Sustainable Forests Education Co-operative (SFEC).
When will the map be updated? Quarterly. We expect to make updates on or about the first of January, April, July, and October each year.