Watercraft Inspection Grants - inspections by local government units

Program purpose

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Invasive Species Program offers grant funds to assist Tribal and local government units (LGUs) that are interested in implementing an aquatic invasives species (AIS) prevention program using authorized watercraft inspectors to work at water accesses in their area. The DNR provides training to watercraft inspectors that are part of the LGU's watercraft inspection program. These grants are intended to help prevent and curb the spread of aquatic invasive species, especially zebra mussels into Minnesota waters. Watercraft inspectors funded with these grants must be employees of the LGU or individuals working for a contractor to the LGU.


  • Your Regional Invasive Species Specialists for assistance with your grant and permit applications, and technical advice on your proposed control project.
  • Angelique Dahlberg, Research and Grants Coordinator, 651-259-5164, can answer questions about the grant process.

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