Cross country ski trail grants-in-aid (GIA)

FY2021 Cross-Country Ski GIA Funding Update
Cross-Country Ski GIA Program Changes and Account Status for the 2020/2021 Season (367 KB)
FY2021 Cross-Country Ski GIA maintenance and grooming grants

Program purpose

The cross-country ski GIA program supports the maintenance and grooming of cross-country ski trails.

Great Minnesota Ski Pass

Funding for the cross-country ski GIA program comes from revenue associated with the Great Minnesota Ski Pass. The ski pass is required on all ski trails receiving funding from the ski GIA program.

  • Ski Pass Poster (2.5 MB) - Consider posting this at trailheads where the ski pass is required.


Grants are awarded annually for cross-country ski trail maintenance and winter grooming. The program is not currently considering funding for capital improvement projects or adding new trails into the GIA program.

Eligible grant recipients

Local units of government—such as counties, cities, and townships—are eligible grantees. Many local units of government act as a sponsor for private trail organizations, such as ski clubs.

Level of assistance

Cross-country ski GIA program grants are reimbursed through a performance benchmark to set up the ski trail at the beginning of the season and through hourly grooming reimbursement rates. 40% of the grant is reimbursed to set up the trail through the performance benchmark, and the remaining 60% of the grant is reimbursed based on the number of hours groomed and the established grooming rates, found in the program manual.

General information

This program was created by the State Legislature in 1973. There are currently about 700 miles of ski GIA trails participating in the program. Demand greatly exceeds funding availability.

Program forms


For information about the program, contact your local Minnesota State Parks and Trails area supervisor.

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