For the Grantee:
Trail Grant Project Administration

Trail grant programs

This page is designed to assist grant recipients in the administration of grants funded through the following programs:

Documentation required prior to grant contract/agreement

Prior to beginning any construction or accruing any costs that are expected for reimbursement as part of a grant, the required documentation must be completed. No grant agreements will be issued until all of the requirements outlined in the grant award letter are completed. The first link below is a sample of the "required documentation checklist" that is sent out with the grant award letter.

DO NOT spend any money on your trail project that you expect to be reimbursed until you have a fully signed contract with the State of Minnesota in front of you!

Local Trail Connections and Regional Trail grant programs

Federal Recreation Trail Program

Prior to beginning any construction, purchasing any equipment, or accruing any costs that are expected for reimbursement as part of this grant, an environmental assessment of the project must be completed. This environmental review assessment has been updated to comply with FHWA requirements. The new form, Categorical Exclusion for 23 CFR 771.117c (CE Form) replaces previously used materials and will need to be completed fully prior to submission to DNR. Letters received from environmental reviews must be included with CE 23 CFR 771.117c submittal.

  • Categorical Exclusion for 23 CFR 771.117c (CE Form) | CE form guidance
    This form is required for all grant projects and is a checklist of environmental impacts as well as a certification of concurrence from the grantee and governmental jurisdictions that the project impacts.
  • Cultural, Noise, T & E Request 
    This form is to request review for Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. This review is required for all projects funded through the Federal Recreational Trail Program. Also reviews Federal Threatened and Endangered species, Migratory Birds, Bald and Golden Eagles, Noise.
  • Minnesota Natural Heritage Information System (NHIS) data request form
    Used to request environmental review by DNR for impact on state endangered species. Submit review requests through the Minnesota Conservation Explorer.
  • Wetlands: State and federal impacts on wetlands. Provide evidence of compliance with water and wetland regulations.
    • A)  Wetland Impact Assessment is required. Complete the two tier evaluation. Provide documentation if project has impact to wetlands.
    • B) DNR water permits. The link will take you to an online joint application process when DNR, Board of Water and Soil Resources and U.S. Army Corp of Engineer or provide letter from county Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). Provide wetland determination.
  • Guidance document for Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) review rules
    Information on the EQB review rules for compliance for trail projects.
  • Required certification form
    This form must be signed by all administrators of public land crossed or utilized by the trail project.

For the Federal Recreational Trail Program prior to contract, the following requirements will need to be met:


Grant expenditures and requests for reimbursement

Any costs incurred as part of the grant must be in accordance with the approved grant application and contract, outlined in the program manuals as eligible costs (see the specific program web page for the manual), and have been incurred during the period of the grant. Any costs accrued prior to the date of the fully executed contract will not be reimbursable as part of the grant. For specific information regarding reimbursement, please see the reimbursement manuals below.

For the Federal Recreational Trail Program only:


Contact information

Dan Golner, Recreation Program Coordinator, 651-259-5599
[email protected]

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Parks and Trails Division
500 Lafayette Road, Box 39
Saint Paul, MN 55155