Public Water Access Sites - Partnership Funding

General information

This program provides financial and technical assistance for local projects to improve public boat accesses, and portages on the State's rivers and lakes.

Eligible projects

Acquisition, development and/or improvement of public boat accesses, parking lots, docks, and boat launching ramps, campsites, rest areas and portages.

Who may be eligible

Counties, cities, townships, and recognized tribal bands (via the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Trails, Resources and Asset Management Section if budget and staffing resources allow).


Projects are selected based on ranking the criterion which includes but is not limited to the following: public demand, location, sport fish present, size of water body, accessibility, and local units of government fiscal partnerships.

Level of assistance

The level of grant and technical assistance fluctuates considerably depending on the Division of Parks and Trails budget and staffing resources, project scope, and local units of government need.

For more information

Interested local units of government should contact their Parks and Trails Area Supervisor to inquire if their local project fits within the Division of Parks and Trails Statewide Strategic Plan.

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