Flood hazard mitigation grant assistance

Program Purpose: To provide technical and financial assistance to local governmental units to conduct flood damage reduction studies and plan and implement flood damage reduction measures.

Eligible Projects: Flood damage reduction studies for planning and implementing structural and non-structural measures, including acquisition of structures in the flood plain, relocations, flood-proofing, development of flood warning systems, public education, flood plain restorations, dams, dikes, levees, flood bypass channels, flood storage structures, water level control structures and other related activities

Who May Apply: Cities, counties, townships, watershed districts, watershed management organizations, and lake improvement districts.

Priorities: Applications are reviewed on a state-wide basis. The Department prioritizes grant requests based on several considerations, including need, feasibility, and financial situation, emphasizing activities that reduce flood damages and enhance environmental benefits.

Level of Assistance: A maximum of 50% of total eligible project costs up to $150,000. Grant requests for more than $150,000 must be approved by the Legislature. Costs must be incurred and paid before reimbursement can be made. Applicants are eligible to receive more than one grant.

General Information: The Minnesota State Legislature established this program in 1987 to provide state technical and financial assistance to local governments for flood hazard mitigation projects.

How to Apply: To receive an application, please contact your DNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources Area Hydrologist  or:

Pat Lynch, Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Manager
DNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources
500 Lafayette Road, Box 32
St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 651-259-5691
Fax: 651-296-0445
E-Mail: [email protected]

We recommend that the completed application form be submitted to your DNR Division of Waters Area Hydrologist by June 1 of the year you wish to apply.

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