Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Assistance

Program Purpose: To provide technical and financial assistance to local governmental units for conducting flood damage reduction studies and for planning and implementing flood damage reduction measures.

Eligible Projects: Flood damage reduction studies for planning and implementing structural and non-structural measures including: acquisition of structures in the flood plain, relocations, flood-proofing, development of flood warning systems, public education, flood plain restorations, dams, dikes, levees, flood bypass channels, flood storage structures, water level control structures and other related activities

Who May Apply: Cities, counties, townships, watershed districts, watershed management organizations and lake improvement districts.

Priorities: Applications are reviewed on a state-wide basis. The Department prioritizes grant requests based on several considerations, including need, feasibility, and financial situation, with an emphasis placed on activities that reduce flood damages and enhance environmental benefits.

Level of Assistance: A maximum of 50% of total eligible project costs up to $150,000. Grant requests for more than $150,000 must be approved by the Legislature. Costs must be incurred and paid before reimbursement can be made. Applicants are eligible to receive more than one grant.

General Information: The Minnesota State Legislature established this program in 1987 to provide state technical and financial assistance to local governments for flood hazard mitigation projects.

How to Apply: To receive an application, please contact your DNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources Area Hydrologist  or:

Pat Lynch, Flood Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Manager
DNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources
500 Lafayette Road, Box 32
St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 651-259-5691
Fax: 651-296-0445
E-Mail: [email protected]

We recommend that the completed application form be submitted to your DNR Division of Waters Area Hydrologist by June 1 of the year in which you wish to apply.

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