Wild and Scenic Rivers - acquisition program

Note: There is no funding currently available for purchases, grants, leases, or easements. The program was last funded for payments in 1989.

Program Purpose: To implement the Wild and Scenic Rivers System, which preserves and protects the outstanding scenic, recreational, natural, historical, and scientific values of certain Minnesota rivers and adjacent lands.

Eligible Projects: DNR may acquire title, scenic easements, or other interests in land, by purchase, grant, gift, devise, exchange, lease, or other legal means.

Who May Apply: Landowners and Holders of Land Interests.

Priorities: Certain properties were recommended during the designation processes on each river for scenic easement or fee title acquisition. Priorities are also dependent on willing sellers and their desires, as well as additional lands or interests that further the purposes of the Wild and Scenic River statutes and rules.

Level of Assistance: For interests involving payment, the willing seller will receive the appraised value of land or interest.

To Apply, Contact:

DNR Trails & Waterways
500 Lafayette Road, Box 52
St. Paul, MN 55155-4052
Phone: (651) 259-5666
Fax: (651) 297-5475

General Information on the Wild and Scenic Rivers Program

This program was initiated in 1973 to protect Wild and Scenic River corridors and to provide recreational opportunities. There are six designated Wild and Scenic River segments in Minnesota: Kettle, Rum, Cannon, Mississippi, Minnesota, and North Fork of Crow River. For information on current activities, contact: