NorthMet Mining and Land Exchange Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS)

State and federal environmental review of the proposed PolyMet Mining Inc. project

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The State has launched a new site dedicated to Minnesota's permitting process for PolyMet's proposed NorthMet mining project. Environmental review information, including requests following the DNR's adequacy determination, remain on this web page.



The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as Responsible Governmental Unit is charged with determining the adequacy of the Final EIS for the proposed NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange.

The DNR has determined that the Final EIS for the proposed NorthMet Mining Project and Land Exchange is adequate.

The adequacy determination marked the end of the state Environmental Impact Statement process under the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act, but it does not mean the NorthMet project has been approved or may proceed to construction. Additional environmental analysis and evaluation is ongoing in response to applications.

Adequacy Determination

A copy of the Record of Decision may be obtained upon request by contacting Lisa Fay, DNR EIS Project Manager, at [email protected] or 651-259-5110.


Supplemental EIS Request

The DNR, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Forest Service received a request from the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, Center for Biological Diversity, and Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness for a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (Supplemental EIS) for the NorthMet project on June 11, 2018. After careful consideration of the request and supporting information, the DNR has determined that a Supplemental EIS is not warranted under the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act.


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