Yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus)


Appearance: Perennial aquatic herbaceous plant, grows 2 - 3' tall along shores in shallow water.

Leaves: Broad, flat, sword-shaped, stalkless, leaves embracing flower stalk.

Flowers: Deep yellow, 2 or 3 on one stalk, flower stalk round, shorter than outer leaves, three outer drooping sepals, with brownish mottled markings, surrounding the true flower; blooms May through July.

Seeds: Capsule containing numerous smooth, flattened seeds.

Roots: Reproduces vegetatively through horizontal stems growing below the soil surface, called rhizomes, forming roots and producing new plants.

Ecological Threat:

  • It competes with native shoreland vegetation.
  • It is a Eurasian plant that is still sold commercially for use in garden pools.
  • Yellow iris is a regulated invasive species in Minnesota.


Control Methods:

A permit is required to work in public waters


  • Digging to eliminate vegetative spreading


  • Spraying with glyphosate (Rodeo, for aquatic areas)


Native Substitutes:

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