Natural shorelines

image of loon on restored shoreline

We have been losing our natural shorelines and the health and functions they provide to water, wildlife and people. While it is relatively easy for property owners to protect natural shorelines, it is much harder to restore them once they are gone. These resources will help you get started in restoring your shore and improving the health of your lake.

Why are natural shorelines important?

before and after comparisons of restoration

How can I restore my shoreline?

before and after comparisons of restoration

Who do I contact about my project?

before and after comparisons of restoration

After reviewing these links, a good first point of contact for any project is your local zoning authority, who may have specific permitting requirements, or your County Soil and Water Conservation District, who may provide technical assistance. If you live in an area covered by a Watershed District or Watershed Management Organization, they may offer similar types of assistance as well.

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