Shoreline Alteration Information Sheets

Property owners sometimes wish to make alterations to the shoreline of a public water body. Most of these projects are regulated by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). However, if certain conditions are met, some minimal impact projects can proceed without a permit from the DNR. Keep in mind that project permits may be required from local government units and other agencies of the state or federal government. Information sheets discussing common shoreline alteration projects have been prepared and are available here for download:

Public waters include public waterbasins, public water wetlands and public watercourses identified on public waters inventory maps. If there is any question whether a particular lake, wetland or stream is a public water, copies of the DNR public water inventory maps are available for inspection at DNR central, regional and area offices; county soil and water conservation district and watershed district offices; and the county auditor's office. Public waters inventory maps can also be accessed online.

For more information concerning shoreline alteration projects, see Permit Requirements, or contact your local DNR Area Hydrologist.

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