Benton County

State Inset Map

Locator map

1. View Interactively:

A compilation of completed Aggregate Resource Mapping GIS data is now available in a new interactive web map application.

2. View a PDF Version:

Plate 1: Significant Aggregate Resource Deposits, Benton County, Minnesota
(43.9 x 28.1 inches, full size. PDF/2.7 MB)

Plate 2: Aggregate Resources, Benton County, Minnesota
(43.9 x 28.9 inches, full size. PDF/4 MB)

Blue Earth Inset Map

Benton County Aggregate Potential

Plate 3: Surficial Geology, Benton County, Minnesota
(50.4 x 32.9 inches, full size. PDF/6.2 MB)

Plate 4: Data Sources and Mapping Methodologies, Benton County, Minnesota
(24.9 x 35.9 inches, full size. PDF/2.6 MB)

Please note: Best results in viewing these plates will be obtained by saving the files to a location of your choice and opening with Adobe Acrobat. Some plate information may not display as a result of opening with Acrobat directly from a web browser.

3. Download GIS data:

A compressed set of files, This compressed set of files is 1.8 MB. It contains ArcView shapefiles and related dbf files of geological and aggregate features created by the DNR, MNDOT, and MGS. Also included are text files containing the text from the printed plates (above); and metadata files in HTML format for each data file. After downloading and uncompressing, please begin by reading benton_readme.txt

Summary of files included in the file.

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