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A selection of Lands and Minerals publications

Educational resources

A Handbook for Reclaiming Sand and Gravel Pits in Minnesota

A general reference for the development of site specific mining and reclamation plans, this handbook provides technical information to landowners, county officials, and operators on reclaiming sand and gravel pits.

Download the handbook »

Reclaiming Minnesota's Minelands (2001)

In the tradition of Digging Into Minnesota Minerals(below), Reclaiming Minnesota's Minelands covers all aspects of "recycling" lands that have been mined in Minnesota in a colorful, user-friendly, and information-packed publication. It is presented in a 12 page, tabloid format most suitable for students in grades 4-6.

Thumbnail image of the reclaiming minnesota minelands publication

Included are basic mining and reclamation facts, taconite/metallic mineral/sand and gravel/peat mining reclamation, information on the importance of planning, careers and research, two experiments ("Acid, Base or Neutral--Can You Tell Just by Looking" and "Does Your Soil Hold Water"), other activities, and a glossary. A single free copy is available upon request. Educators can obtain classroom sets.

Digging Into Minnesota Minerals (1995)

Digging Into Minnesota Minerals is a colorful, user-friendly, and information-packed publication covering all aspects of minerals & mining in Minnesota. It is aimed especially at students in grades 4-6. Included are basic minerals facts, educational activities, maps, and a section on 'Geology Up Close in our State Parks. A single free copy is available upon request. Educators can obtain classroom sets.
Digging Into Minnesota Minerals

Thumbnail image of the Geology of Minnesota Teachers guide publicationGeology of Minnesota: A Guide for Teachers (1995)

This guide, a collaborative effort between the Division and the Minnesota Geological Survey, is a summary of our understanding of Minnesota's geology. It is intended for earth science teachers grade 6-8 and others who have an interest or some background in geology. A single free copy is available upon request.
Scanned version »

Coloring Book

Through engaging line drawings, maps, and puzzles, this book introduces kids to idea of working cooperatively for balanced management of diverse natural resources. This is an interesting and entertaining way to provide information on the economic and natural heritage value of the beach ridges to future generations. While the focus is on Clay County, Minnesota, the concepts within the book have application throughout the Red River Valley. This book was distributed to all 3rd graders in Clay County on Earth Day 1997. No longer available in print.
Lake Agassiz Beach Ridges: A Coloring Book for Children » (1997, 1.25 mb)

Thumbnail image of the teacher's guide to public land and mineral ownership in Minnesota publicationPublic Land and Mineral Ownership: A Guide for Teachers 

This 34-page guide is recommended as a resource to supplement discussions on Minnesota's history, government and geography. It is intended for high school teachers and other people interested in public land history and management. The subject areas covered by the publication are:

  • Origins of Federal Ownership
  • Public Land Survey
  • Federal Land Grants
  • Federal and State Acquisitions of Land, and Mineral Rights.

There is also a section titled "Suggested Discussion or Research Topic," which identifies stories or topics for discussion in the classroom or for further research by students.
Digital Version of Public Land and Mineral Ownership » (2016)

Fact sheets and maps

The Division publishes a series of fact sheets and maps for legislative and public reference. 

Lexicon of State-Owned Lands » 
The following is a guide to the lands acquired by the State of Minnesota, with a particular focus on the lands managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The framework is a fact sheet on each of the land types and information on the granting law. 

The Establishment of a Permit to Mine Administration and Application Fee Schedule » 
Report to the senate and house committees with jurisdiction over environment and natural resources finance. Published January 2009.

Conservation Easement Stewardship Report » 
A report published in February 2011 that contains an inventory of DNR's conservation easements, DNR's conservation easement stewardship plan, estimates of funding needs and options for long-term conservation easement stewardship funding.

Minimum Standards for Conservation Easements » 
A report published in February 2008 recommending minimum standards for conservation easements acquired with public monies.

Aggregate Mining and Reclamation: A series of fact sheets published January 2001.

Land Acquisition Account Report FY 2015 » 
Minnesota Statutes, section 94.1651 requires that the Commissioner of Natural Resources report land purchases and sales related to the Land Acquisition Account.

Map of state owned lands in Minnesota by land type. Color, 8.5" x 11" printed. » (1.5MB, January 2023).

Mineral Rights Ownership in Minnesota » (revised June 2016)
Fact sheet presents legal overview of mineral ownership and the severed mineral interests law in Minnesota, developed in response to landowner questions.

Minnesota's Mining Laws » (21KB, 2016)
Minnesota's mining laws are found in Minnesota's Constitution, statutes, and administrative rules. This factsheet is a guide to the major laws that directly address mineral issues.

Minnesota Mining Tax Guide
The Minnesota Department of Revenue has the latest editions of the Minnesota Mining Tax Guide online in PDF format. The Guide contains a wide variety of information on many aspects of mining production and taxes.

Revenue Received from State Mineral Leases FY 1890-2023 » 
A report providing detailed data on the revenue collected by state mineral leasing programs from fiscal year 1890 to 2022. (877kb, 33 pages)

School Trust Lands Reports

Visit the DNR's School Trust Lands Reports webpage »


Permanent University Fund Annual Legislative Fact Sheet (2016)

2016 fact sheet (250 kb, 9 pages)


Recreational geology in Minnesota

Please visit the Recreational Geology webpage for more information.
Recreational Geology in Minnesota »

Surficial Geology of Select State Parks in Minnesota - reports and maps related to the surficial geology of the following Minnesota State Parks; St. Croix, Kathio, Minneopa, Nerstrand Big Woods, McCarthy Beach, and Interstate.

Research publications

The Division conducts research and publishes reports on many aspects of minerals and mining in Minnesota.

The documents cited in the indices are currently available through the Division's Hibbing office.


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