Corescan Videos

a sample of hyperspectral imaging results

In October 2019, the DNR and Corescan organized a seminar for the initial release of DNR Corescan Project data. The presentations, which covered several aspects of the project, were recorded and are offered here along with PDF versions of each.


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    Video 1: Introduction to the DNR Corescan Project

    Context and goals for the project

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    Video 2: Introduction to hyperspectral core imaging

    Explanation of the technology 

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    Video 3: Focus Area selection

    Project overview focusing on importance of the five focus areas

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    Video 4: Project methods

    From data collection to processing and delivery

    video 5 thumbnail.

    Video 5: Project results

    Overview of project results by focus area

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    Video 6: Coreshed practicum

    Visual walkthrough of the Coreshed application