DNR Report 36-7: 1976; Exploration Geochemistry of Quaternary Deposits in NW Koochinching County & MN DNR Report 36-8: 1976; Geophysical Surveys Conducted in NW Koochiching County, MN

Introduction extracted from pages 2 and 3 of report 36-7, 1976:

INTRODUCTION Much of northwestern Koochiching and northeastern Lake of the Woods Counties are underlain by felsic to mafic Lower Precambrian metavolcanic rocks (Ojakangas, 1972). Early prospecting was conducted in this region, but intensive exploration for volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits did not commence until 1967 and has continued in varying degrees to the present. The exploration for massive sulfide deposits has not resulted in the discovery of a mineable deposit, although significant amounts of zinc were drilled on the Smart property (Figure 1). Showings of copper and zinc have been encountered in several other localities throughout the region.



The Division of Minerals of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has the responsibility for the administration of the approximate ten million acres of state controlled mineral lands. This responsibility includes the administration of state mineral leases. To date, over 40,000 acres of state controlled mineral lands have been leased in the region shown on Figure 1. These leases were issued to four companies. All of these leases are now terminated.

It is also the responsibility of the Division pf Minerals to access the mineral potential of state controlled mineral lands. By 1972, the mining company exploration had diminished considerably in this region, but the Division of Minerals considered the geologic environment favorable for the occurrence of economic sulfide deposits. As a result, it was decided to conduct surveys to evaluate the mineral potential of state controlled mineral lands in this region...


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Report 36-7: Exploration Geochemistry of Quaternary Deposits in NW Koochiching County, MN; discussion of till and soil sampling in T158N-160N, R25W-R30W; references.
(73 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, 2.15 MB)
Authors: D.G. Meineke, M.A. Gilgosch, and M.K. Vadis

Report 36-8: Geophysical Surveys Conducted in NW Koochiching County, MN; brief discussion of EM, resistivity, IP, and magnetic results in T159N R25W-27W.
(12 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, 282 KB)
Authors: D.G. Meineke, M.K. Vadis, and M.A. Gilgosch

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