DNR Report 267: 1989; Minnesota Minerals Database Project

Project Funded by the Minerals Coordinating Committee Through the Mineral Diversification Program

Abstract extracted from page 1 of Report 267:

ABSTRACT The Minerals Database Subcommittee was established in February of 1988 with the task of doing a feasibility study towards the creation of an inter-agency, unified minerals database. The goals for the biennium were twofold: To catalog data, computerized and manual, existing at each agency, and to canvass the potential end users of such a database as to their needs regarding geoscience information.

A systems analyst and a geological database consultant was contracted to oversee these activities and report to the subcommittee. In addition, a workshop was held to involve potential end users and gain from their insights of the project. The results of this work are presented in this report.


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Report 267: Minnesota Minerals Database Project: Report on Preliminary Systems Analysis; feasibility study towards creating an inter-agency, unified minerals database.
(100 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, 3.07 MB)
Authors: R. W. Ruhanen1, P. L. McSwiggen2, S. Hauck3, R. Lipp4

2Minnesota Geological Survey
3Natural Resources Research Institute
4Mineral Resources Research Center

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