DNR Report 282: 1991; Industrial Minerals: Inventory of Industrial Mineral Pits and Quarries in Minnesota

Abstract extracted from Report 282 Volume 1:

ABSTRACT  The Department of Natural Resources, Division of Minerals, completed a comprehensive inventory of current and past industrial mineral mining activity in Minnesota, exclusive of sand and gravel extraction. The inventory data summarizes geologic and industry information maintained in the public record for pits and quarries that are active, inactive, or of historical interest.

The compilers collected the data through a questionnaire sent to the industry, subsequent discussions with the producers, and a search of data files and literature from public agencies and academic institutions.



A synopsis of activity at individual pits and quarries is presented in a reference format. The records for each commodity are sorted alphabetically by county, and within the county, by U. S. Public Land Survey location. Information reported includes the producing company, past operators, geologic formation, description of the rock or mineral, commodity uses, and a list of references for each pit or quarry.

The records are presented in two volumes. Volume 1 contains records of active pits and quarries and a Producer Directory; Volume 2 consists of records of inactive pits and quarries. The Producer Directory contains names, addresses, and telephone numbers of industrial mineral producers in Minnesota.

Industrial mineral commodities inventoried include: clay/shale, feldspar, marl, mica, natural cement, natural mineral pigments, peat, salt, silica sand, tripoli, and stone. Abrasive, crushed, and dimension stone commodities include carbonate rock, granite, greenstone, quartzite, sandstone, schist, slate, and trap rock.

The inventory identifies 188 active industrial mineral pits and quarries. The catalog of inactive pits and quarries contains 1,799 records, some of which refer to several pits or quarries within a general location.

Inventory results are summarized in table form, listing the number of active and inactive pits and quarries by commodity and county. A series of page-sized maps of Minnesota depict the distribution of pits and quarries by commodity throughout the state.


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Report 282 Volume 1: Report 282: 1991; Industrial Minerals: Inventory of Industrial Mineral Pits and Quarries in Minnesota
(116 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, 5.06 MB)
Authors: S.L. Nelson, M.W. Oberhelman, and D.J. Olson

Report 282 Volume 2: Report 282: 1991; Industrial Minerals: Inventory of Industrial Mineral Pits and Quarries in Minnesota
(315 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, Large File Size 15.5 MB)
Authors: S.L. Nelson, M.W. Oberhelman, and D.J. Olson

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