Report 371, Gold Mineralization in the Virginia Horn Greenstone Terrain, St. Louis County, Minnesota
Includes data from Open-File Project 368-2


The purpose of this project is to assemble a package of digital historic and new data relevant to gold mineralization in the Virginia Horn greenstone terrain. Historical data within this package includes electronic scanned images of maps, drill core logs, chemistry reports and other data associated with mineral leases previously held within the Terrain, electronic data tables that combine geochemistry and assay results obtained from the different mineral leases, and GIS maps and data layers based on hard copy information provided within the mineral lease records. New data within this package include new logs of selected drill core from the area, a fluid inclusion microthermometry study, and supplemental geochemical analyses. This digital data package will be used to promote state mineral leases to new private-party mineral exploration in the area.

The Virginia Horn Greenstone Terrain is in the U.S.A., where the Imperial System is used. Generally speaking, length is reported in feet and miles, volume in cubic feet, temperature in Fahrenheit, and element grades and concentrations in parts per million (ppm). Note that fluid inclusion results are reported using the Metric System.


Report 371


Gold in Till Survey GIS Data

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