Snowmobile state trail sticker

The snowmobile state trail sticker and snowmobile registration decals have been combined into one decal. The price of the three-year state trail sticker has been included in the price of snowmobile registration. Snowmobiles that are being newly registered or up for renewal will now be issued the new combined registration/state trail sticker decal.

A snowmobile that is not registered in the state of MN may not be operated on a state or grant-in-aid snowmobile trail unless a snowmobile state trail sticker is affixed to the snowmobile. A snowmobile state trail sticker costs $51.00 and is valid from November 1 through June 30.

Snowmobiles operated by a dealer or manufacturer under their snowmobile dealer/manufacturer registration and operated on state or grant-in-aid snowmobile trails must display a snowmobile state trail sticker. The dealer/manufacturer snowmobile state trail sticker costs $16.00.

Anyone operating a snowmobile in violation of the state trail sticker law will be required to purchase an annual penalty trail sticker for $71.00 in addition to any ticket or fine.

A snowmobile that has a non-trail use registration may not be operated on a state or grant-in-aid trail including a grant-in-aid trail within a road right-of-way.

A state trail sticker is not valid for use on a non-trail use registered snowmobile. If an individual wants to use a non-trail use registered snowmobile on a state or grant-in-aid trail, the snowmobile will need to be re-registered for trail use.

The snowmobile collector permit that allows for limited use does not require a trail sticker to operate on state or grant-in-aid trails.

The snowmobile collector registration that allows for unlimited use of the collector snowmobile is required to have a one-year snowmobile trail sticker if it will be operated on state or grant-in-aid trails.

A Snowmobile State Trail Sticker is not required for:

  • a snowmobile while being used to groom a state or grant-in-aid trail
  • a snowmobile owned by the federal government, Indian tribal government, state, and political subdivisions
  • operating a collector snowmobile with a permit
  • operating a snowmobile on portions of a trail owned by the person or the person’s spouse, child, or parent.

Four ways to get a trail sticker:

  1. Go to an Electronic License System agent.
    (Find an ELS agent online or by calling 1-888-MINNDNR.)
  2. Call (888) 665-4236
    (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards accepted. An additional convenience fee is added for sales via Web site or telephone (see web site for details).
  3. Use the DNR online licensing system.