Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Service Provider Permits

What do I need, to be able to take the online training?

System requirements

Your computer must meet the following requirements for you to complete lake service provider training online.

One of the following internet browsers for your operating system:


  • Firefox 4.0 (or later)
  • Chrome (latest)
  • Internet Explorer versions 9, 10, 11 (may not perform as well as browsers listed above)


  • Safari 8.0.6 (or later)
  • Chrome (latest)

iOS 8 (or later)

  • Safari (latest)

Android 4.4.2 (or later)

  • Chrome (latest)

If you are not able to complete online training, contact the DNR at [email protected] for classroom training options.

Questions about permit or training? See FAQ.

How long does online training take?
  • The online permit training course takes about an hour to complete.
  • The online employee certificate training course takes about 30-45 minutes to complete.
My permit expires at the end of the year. How do I renew for next year?

To renew, you need to:

  • Login to your online DNR account and register for training and permit
  • Pay the $50 application and training fee during registration
  • Complete in-person or online lake service provider permit and pass the test
How do I get more vehicle stickers?

Contact the DNR at [email protected] or 651-259-5100 to have additional vehicle stickers mailed to your business.

I've received my paper permit, but haven't received vehicle stickers. When will I receive vehicle stickers?

The vehicle stickers are mailed with the paper permit. If you did not receive stickers with your paper permit, please call 651-259-5100. If you leave a message, state the name of the person who applied for the permit, the business name, and how many stickers you need. 

I own a resort and offer a couple boats to my customers. Do I need a permit?

Yes, if you rent out any type of water-related equipment (pontoons, fishing boats, canoes, paddleboards, etc.) as part of your customers' stay (whether for a specific rental fee or bundled as part of their full stay with you), your business needs a permit.

I just rent out boats on my lake and store them on my lake shore property in the winter season. Isn't my business exempt from training?  

No, your business is still a lake service provider business and the owner or a manager needs to attend training and pay a permit fee every three years. If you do only rent boats on one lake and they never leave that lake or shoreline property year-round, then your employees are exempt from taking the online employee training.

What is a Lake Service Provider (LSP)?

A Service Provider is:

(1) an individual who or entity that: decontaminates, installs, or removes water-related equipment or structures into or from waters of the state for hire or as a service provided as a benefit of membership in a yacht club, boat club, marina, or similar organization; or

(2) an individual who or entity that: rents or leases water-related equipment that will be used in, placed into, or removed from waters of the state. Service provider does not include a person working under the supervision of an individual with a valid service provider permit issued under section 84D.108. Answer these basic questions to see if your business is a lake service provider.

What is the penalty for a Lake Service Provider operating without a permit?

It is a misdemeanor and the penalty can be up to $1,000 and/or 90 days in jail.

Who can I contact for more information about lake service provider permits?

For further information contact the DNR's AIS Training Specialist or the regional invasive species specialist in your area.

How much is the permit fee?

The permit fee is $50/business and is good for three years.

How do I pay?

When you apply for your permit online, you will be given instructions to pay for your permit with a credit card or check.

How long are the permits valid?

Permits cover three calendar years. Permits issued in 2017 will be valid through December 31, 2019.

How do you apply for and obtain a permit?

There are a few steps to the process. Service providers must:

  • Register for an online DNR account and apply for a class and permit on the DNR website
  • Pay the $50 application and training fee during class registration
  • Complete in-person or online lake service provider permit training and pass the test
When and where are the training sessions?

In-person permit classes are typically offered January-May, before open-water season. See the current list of trainings scheduled throughout the state. Online training will launch in spring 2017 and will be available year-round.

What if there are multiple owners of my business?

Only one permit is required per business and one owner or manager must attend a training session and pass the test. Other owners or managers that you would like listed on the permit must attend the training session and pass the test to be listed.

The main owner for your business should register the business for permit and add names of any other managers that will be completing permit training.

Additional owners who did not attend an in-person training session can take the employee online training and obtain the lake service provider employee certificate to keep with them when conducting lake service provider work.

What if I have multiple business locations for my business?

If your business has separate locations and location managers, the DNR suggests that the manager of each location attend training, pay the $50 fee, and obtain a permit for their location. This will ensure that each location is aware of the laws, that decontamination locations can be specified in the permit for that specific location, and the location will be in the lake service provider database which will be used to provide updated information regarding AIS, infested waters, and information related to the location's employees.

After I've taken the in-person training, how long do I have to apply for a permit?

If you attended class before applying for your permit, you must apply and pay the fee online within the same calendar year to receive your permit. If you don't apply for your permit in that calendar year, you will need to attend another training the following year. 

The law requires you to have your permit before you provide any lake service provider services.

What do I need to do once I get my permit and vehicle stickers in the mail?

Paper permits and lake service provider vehicle stickers are mailed to permittees after they have attended training, passed the test and paid the $50 permit fee. A copy of the permit should be kept in each vehicle and the lake service provider vehicle sticker should be attached to the lower left side of the windshield of the vehicle used when providing services.

I work for a lake service provider business. Do I need training?

Lake service provider employees must take a free online employee certificate training before working in waters of the state. The employee online training covers basic information to ensure employees know how to follow AIS law and lake service provider permits. After completing online training, employees will have a certificate they need to print and carry with them when working.

Employees that have completed the online training do not have to take the in-person training for owners/managers.

If my name is on the permit, do I need to also take the employee online training and get a certificate?

No. If your name is on the permit, the permit is all you need to cover you when you provide services. You do not also need to take the employee certificate training and get a certificate.

Permits should always be available to show to a conservation officer. A permit with your name on it shows that you have received training.

Do I need to wait until I've attended an in-person class or received my permit before I have my staff take the employee online training?

No. Employees may take the employee online training at any time.

Have Other Questions? Contact AIS Training Coordinator at [email protected]

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