Fishes of Minnesota Mapper: Data Sources and Dates

Last Data Updated: 02/02/2017

NOTE: The DNR Fisheries Lake Survey data was completely reloaded on 2/1/2017 to ensure that it matches our current survey information. This data is also used as the source data for MNDNR LakeFinder.

Data for DNR Fisheries Lake Surveys will be uploaded several months following the end of each survey season (e.g., March 2017 for 2016 surveys). Other data sources will be added as they become available and standardized.

Source Database

Time Period


+/- Records


MPCA Biological Monitoring1990 - 2012streams/rivers5510212/16/2013
Misc (FOM original)
- all other data sources
1808 - 2008lakes, wetlands, streams/rivers10332412/16/2013
All protected species .4770 recordsset UTMs = Null05/28/15
DNR Lake Surveys
DNR Region-signed surveys only
1940 - 2015lakes and river pools33505902/02/2017


1808 - 2015

lakes, wetlands, streams/rivers



Source Database Descriptions

At the present time, FishMapper data comes from the following sources:

  • MPCA Database - This is an Access database holding records from electrofishing efforts on streams and rivers only. In addition to MPCA-collected records, this database also includes records from other sources such as DNR Fisheries Stream Survey, USGS, EPA, GPIR, various watershed districts and consultants.
  • DNR Lake Survey Database - This is an Oracle database holding records from lake and river pool surveys conducted by the MN DNR Lake Survey Program (managed by DNR Fisheries). This database also feeds the popular MN DNR LakeFinder website. Gears used include gill nets, trap nets, seines, electrofishing, trotlines, trawls and angling. Only region-signed surveys (i.e., those completed and verified by regional Fisheries managers) are included in FishMapper.
  • Fishes of MN (Original) Database - This is the original File maker Pro database previously maintained by DNR Ecological Resources. MPCA and MNDNR Lake Survey records previously maintained in this database have been replaced by the two newer databases described above. Any remaining records not found in these two newer databases have been loaded into FishMapper. These records represent a variety of data sources, gears, and years, including some historical data (1890's - 1960's). Many of these records contain fish specimens that have been vouchered (preserved) in various museums. (Tip: Query on Voucher = 'true' under the Filters tab in the Fishes of MN Mapper).

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