Map Icons

Exploring  the Fishes of MN Mapper using Map Interface Icons

Use the interface icons to navigate in the Map Tab window and to get information about specific features. When an icon is active, the box will have a dark outline.

Zoom to Full Extent Full Extent icon - Click on this icon to reset FishMapper to show the entire state.Pan icon Pan tool - Select the tool, then pan (click and drag) on the map to see different parts of it.
zoom box icon Zoom Using Box - Select this icon and draw a box around features you wish to zoom to.Zoom out icon Zoom Out tool - Use to zoom out on the map by clicking repeatedly on the icon.
Zoom in icon Zoom In tool - Use to zoom in on the map by clicking repeatedly on the icon.Identify tool Identify tool - Use to identify layer features. Must use with quick info enabled. Select the tool, then hover over a location on the map. Info is returned only for layers that are currently turned ON.