Endangered and Threatened Species Permits

The intent of Minnesota's Endangered Species Law is to retain or restore healthy populations of the state's endangered, threatened, and special concern plants and animals. A permit is required to take, pursue, capture, kill, dig up, dispose, destroy, purchase, import, possess, transport or sell live or dead endangered or threatened plants or animals, including their parts or seeds. Permit issuance is discretionary and based on the DNR's assessment of all relevant information.

Types of Permits

General Permits


Permitting Process

  1. Complete the permit application and submit to the DNR. You will be notified by email when your application is received.
  2. The permit application will be reviewed. Additional information may be requested.
  3. The DNR commissioner will need to approve the Permit to Take Incidental to a Development Project.
  4. Once the DNR has reviewed the permit application, a permit will be issued or denied within 150 days.


Bridget Henning-Randa, Minnesota Endangered Species Consultant, 651-259-5073

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