Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program

The Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program collects, manages, and interprets information about nongame animals, native plants and plant communities to promote the wise stewardship of these resources. Natural Heritage Programs or their equivalents now exist in all 50 states as well as in a number of Canadian provinces and Latin American countries. All programs use similar methodologies to collect and manage information, allowing pooling of data for conservation planning across geopolitical boundaries.

To accomplish its goals, the NHNRP coordinates research on nongame animals and rare native plants. They work closely with the Minnesota Biological Survey to identify and locate our rare natural resources and develop and maintains lists of Minnesota's rare natural features.

The NHNRP also provides ecological expertise through fact sheets, publications, and other ecological assistance to help government agencies, scientists, land managers, developers, educators, and citizens protect our rare natural resources.


Conservation Management and Rare Resources Supervisor (vacant),
Please contact Bernice Cramblit [email protected]
phone: 651-259-5101


Karen Cieminski,
Natural Heritage Information System Data Manager
email: [email protected]
phone: 651-259-5081

Lisa Joyal,
Natural Heritage Information System
Data Distribution Coordinator & Endangered Species
Environmental Review Coordinator
email: [email protected]
phone: 651-259-5109

Bridget Henning-Randa,
Minnesota Endangered Species Consultant
email:[email protected]
phone: 651-259-5073

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