Shady Oaks Native Prairie Adventure Trails

Shady Oaks Native Prairie Adventure Trails

This 6.3-mile trail on private land winds through open prairie and wooded valley trails crossing on unique bridges. Shady Oaks Native Prairie Adventure Trails were built in memory of Edward Burckhardt and Harry Thooft. Enjoy the overlooks and scenic views on this memorial trail near the city of Russell in Lyon County. This trail is provided by Lyon county and maintained by local volunteers.

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Lyon County

Trail is located at 1863 170th Ave, Russell, MN. Parking located north of the Russell City Park.

  • Gary Thooft
  • 507-823-4215
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ATV ATV (Class II allowed)

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opened for season as of 4/12/2024 Please check the trail Facebook page for updates and intermittent closures due to rain.

Normal season:

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6.3 miles

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